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Learn How Bitgold Can Increase Your Gold Stash!

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– History of fiat money. Why gold has been a store of value and the ultimate asset for the last 5,000 years.
– A review of BitGold as a sending/receiving money platform.
– The benefits of using a Gold-Backed Prepaid Card and how it democratizes the ability for people to own and use gold
– Target expatriates and explain to them the benefits of using BitGold to send gold abroad at minimum fees.
– Why gold has been the best saving mechanism of the last decade.
– Retweet our tweets, add some value and redirect people using your referral link.
– Explain the gold relationship with other commodities like food and energy.
– What happened to gold and silver during the collapse of the Roman Empire? Are there similarities with the current state of the economy?
– Gold as an insurance against government mismanagement.
– Become an expert on the precious metals, fintech, personal finance or equity markets and provide value to your followers.

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